Psychological Impact of Acne and Other Skin Conditions Must Be Managed Properly

Unfortunately for those who are afflicted with a skin condition such as acne, the severity of the issue can be exacerbated to a significant degree due to the psychological impact that accompanies the physical effect. While this is understood on a fairly widespread basis due to the greater attention paid to the long-term effects of bullying, those with visible skin conditions often endure psychological trauma regardless of some external stimulus such as being targeted by a bully.

It appears that the mere possibility that a skin condition may make someone the target of derision is more than enough to have psychological consequences for an individual over the course of many years. This fact, as David Kravitz would be quite likely to point out, does not mean that anyone who has acne or some other skin condition will simply have to be burdened with the adverse psychological impact. Instead, these individuals must develop a deeper understanding regarding how to cope with their condition and deal with the social situations that lead to feelings of anxiety or angst, and assistance from friends, families and health care professionals is critical if this understanding is to be firmly established.

It is worth noting that no level of status or achievement will ever eliminate the carelessness of others, and it is for this reason that there is great value in consistently working to develop a sense of intrinsic self-worth in every person regardless of whether or not they have some skin condition. Of course, it is particularly important to develop this trait in those who do happen to be suffering from acne or any other skin condition, as this will help to insulate them against the possibility of being made fun of or being otherwise criticized by their peers over something beyond their control.

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