No More Tough Surgery for Morton’s Neuroma (Sharp/Electric Pain in the Ball of the Foot)

Do you ever feel sharp electric like pain most ofter between the ball of the foot between the 3rd and 4th toes?
Dr Andrew Carver of Washington, DC, states that you probably have a  very common problem called Morton’s Neuroma.

Dr Carver describes it as a thickening of the nerve cover between the knuckle bones of the front of the foot.  He states that it is probably about the 5th most common problem in the human foot.
Dr Carver has been practicing cutting edge Podiatric Medicine and Sports Medicine of the foot for 25 plus years.  He was previously the Team Podiatrist for the Golden State Warriors of the NBA and the Men’s ATP Tennis Tournament in SF and SJ CA.

In there past, Dr Carver notes, neuroma pain was so excruciating at times that foot surgeons would mainly surgically cut the nerves out.  This led to many post operative problems such as ‘entrapment neuroma’s”.

Now there are new outstanding NON SURGICAL methods that he uses to relieve the problem and pain.

The best is a soft custom orthotic or arch support that has a built in ‘bump’ that separates the knuckle bones when the person steps on the ground surfaces.  This takes the pinching lobster claw like compression off the nerve.

Sometime a cortisone injection or alcohol injections will also improve or cure the problem,

The key now, Dr Andrew Carver says is getting those knocks spread apart, only millimeters and the neuroma will calm down an not cause pain again.
A great breakthrough from debilitating and costly, painful surgery.

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