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While he waited he wondered some more. Why did it seem that with the appearance of the dog something momentous had happened? Why did it seem as if, in that brief meeting of eyes, some strange sort of communication had passed between them? Almost as if each of them had looked and spoken: I have been waiting a long time; where have you been? But this was ridiculous. Such things could happen between people, but not between people and dogs? Or He was still wondering when the time came once more to feed the cattle. He got up reluctantly, leaving the chunk of lamb on the ground, along with half the cheese. Then he climbed up and left the frozen meat and the rest of the cheese in the tree house, and after a last lingering look among the shadows, iHAT EVENING brought Chris some of the most uncomfortable In the first place, when he arrived in the kitchen, still blowing from running down the slope and feeding the steers in record time to avoid being later than he already was, his mother gave him a searching look. When she addressed him as Christopher, he knew he was in for trouble. He knew what it was about because the platter with the remnants of lamb stood on the drainboard. “Do you know anything about that?” she “Well,” he said desperately, “I know what it is. It’s what’s “Chris, this is no time to be funny, if that’s what you’re being! I was planning to make hash of the meat, and I had the vegetables all ready before I and now I’ve had to start all over and get out steaks and . . . How in the world could you “Well I was pretty hungry,” he floundered, “and” “Hungry! You must have been ravenous as a wolf.

The last word made him start guiltily, and she went on. “Hereafter, when you get so hungry between lunch and dinner that you can eat enough to feed four people, you tell me and I’ll I’ll donate you to the zoo!” As often happened. Mom’s sense of humor was getting in the way of her severity. Even so, she was still annoyed with him, and Chris said humbly, “Okay, Mom. And and I’m sorry.” She turned to the counter and began patting only it was more like slapping coarse-ground pepper into the round, thick steaks that lay there. His mouth watered. Mom’s pepper steaks were the envy of lesser cooks. “Being sorry isn’t enough,” she said tartly, bolstering her indignation. “You need to be taught a lesson. I’ll leave it to you to think of a fitting punishment.” He thought a minute, maintaining a contrite expression with considerable effort. “Well,” he said judiciously, “since what I did was eat too much, I think you ought to put two of those steaks on my plate and make me eat them. It’ll probably Mom made a choking noise and said, “Oh, get out of here, you jackass Go wash your face and get soap in your eyes.”

He did as he was told except for the soap and resolved to eat as little as possible in the hope of resembling a person who, not long ago, had consumed about two pounds of cold When the smoking, aromatic steak was set before him, however, the resolution slipped his mind and he absentmindedly helped himself to a small mountain of French fries when the bowl came around. His enthusiasm didn’t slacken until he suddenly felt his mother’s eyes on him, and saw her slowly shake her head in wonder. This was disturbing. In a moment she’d be deciding he couldn’t possibly have eaten all that lamb, and from there it was only a step to asking what he had done with it. didn’t mind telling her the truth in fact he was bursting to tell somebody but it would never do to let Cal in on the secret. In his eyes a dog would be just as bad as a wolf, and Chris wouldn’t put it past him to take his rifle and go hunting This was a sore point, the basis of a lot of Chris’s resentment. Cal had introduced on to the ranch a small flock of highbred, extremely valuable great clips coupon, a venture which he expected would pay off handsomely in a few years. Because dogs had killed some of his sheep when he was ranching in Montana, he wouldn’t allow a dog on the place.

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