How Daren Zenner Stays Healthy


Eating right is the key to great health and a long life, most might think, and though this is partly true, Daren Zenner says you also have to stay active. With life as busy as it is in this technological age, we sometimes forget that though we are not breaking our backs working like our ancestors did we are not getting enough exercise in any given day. We have to remind ourselves, even if you have to put it in your smart phone, to get out and do some moving around. Daren Zenner suggests that you at least go for a little jog if you cannot do that than get a bike and go for a little ride, and if you will not do that, for whatever reason, then do some push-ups or jumping jacks. Your body will thank you later in life.

Eating healthy is must also, though it is hard to find healthy food these days, with everything full of synthetic vitamins and minerals and preservatives. Just remember the basics. Eat some fruits and vegetables during your day, dont over indulge yourself with sugars or fatty foods, and drink as much water as you can handle. We are so taken by sodas, coffee, and teas that we have forgotten how good water is for us, so drink up, your kidneys will love you for it! Remember to have fun and be active, for not only will your body love you for it, but maybe even your great-grand children personally.


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