HDMI Switchers

Atlona LinkCast Instant HD Audio/Video Program. The Atlona LinkCast is just a very uncommon, but useful HDMI switch solutions. In the place of inserting in your HDMI source products to a switchbox, the LinkCast utilizes WHDI technology, which gives for the sign of HDMI source indicators wirelessly from a compact transmitter that plugs in to the HDMI and USB ports of a source system (including a Blu-ray Disc Player). The impulses are obtained by remote-controlled primary changing device that may be linked in to an HDMI feedback both in your home entertainment receiver or TV. Up to 5 wireless-enabled HDMI supply products could be covered.
CablesToGo TruLink 6×1 HDMI Selector Using the growing quantity of HDMI-enabled products, such as for instance Upscaling DVD people, Blu-ray Disc Players, Network Media Players, and actually Cable/Satellite Boxes, TVs can easily go out of available inputs. This really is where the CablesToGo TruLink 6×1 HDMI Selector may come in useful. That small black-box supplies a whole of 6 HDMI inputs, including an easily front-mounted input, and one HDMI result for the TV or video projector. Also included is just a handheld remote control which allows simple choice of each input source.
Accell UltraAV 5×1 HDMI Audio/Video Switch – Model K072C-010B. The Accell UltraAV 5×1 HDMI Audio/Video Switch could be a good addition to a house theater system. An HDMI Switch can be a of good use item for Hd-tvs with just one HDMI input connection. With the increased quantity of elements outfitted with HDMI connections DVD recorders, (DVD players, Blu-ray players, and Cable and Satellite Boxes) one HDMI input supplied on many HDTVs isn’t enough.
Nevertheless, using the Accell UltraAV 5×1 HDMI Switch now you can increase an HDTV’s simple HDMI input up to five inputs. This change is extremely simple to use and doesn’t degrade sign quality from HDMI sources. You can also use an HDMI to Component converter to add yet another input to your component port.
Atlona AT-HD4-V42 4×2 HDMI Switch. If you’re searching for a means to include more HDMI inputs to your HDTV, movie projector, or home entertainment receiver, think about the Atlona AT-HD4-V42 4×2 HDMI splitter. The Atlona AT-HD4-V42 enables people to link of up to four HDMI source elements and both watch one source on two distinct HDMI-equipped TVs and/or video projectors, or when you have a 3D TV and nona non-3D HDMI-equipped home theater receiver, the Altona 4×2 switch can send another video signal to your TV and audio signal to your home theater receiver in the same time.
Accell UltraAV™ HDMI 1.3 4×4 Matrix Audio/Video Switch. The Accell UltraAV™ HDMI 1.3 4×4 Matrix Audio/Video Switch could be a good addition to your home entertainment, particularly if you’ve several HDTV or an HDTV and Video Projector. The Accell UltraAV 4×4 HDMI Switch enables the consumer to link up to four HDMI sources (Blu-ray Disc Player, DVD Player, HD Cable/Satellite Box, etc…) and both watch one resource on up to four different HDMI-equipped TVs and/or video projectors, or deliver up to four split up sources to as much as four different TVs and/or video projectors.

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