Relieve Stress and Cure Your Acne

Acne is not fun to deal with, in fact acne can ruin how one feels about them self, and though acne is not life threatening it is detrimental to our health. Let me give some examples; for one acne steals energy from our confidence,  and two – acne can actually be painful both emotionally and physically. This makes the main solution easy- change your life. Many major studies have been taken over the last few decades on acne and acne treatment and these two outstanding factors are the constant in all of them; what we consume and how we handle stress. Now most everyone knows that the biggest factor is hormones, since most of those affected by acne are adolescent age subjects going through puberty and such, but there are more and more cases being noticed recently concerning young adults and even middle aged adults. So, why is that? Because one major cause of acne is stress and stress has now been deemed by the medical assoc. as an epidemic, it is in fact the number one killer in America. When your older it causes many physical ailments and even death, but when your young it causes acne.

Teenagers are too young to have stress, and if you are a teenager with too much stress, please lighten up and change your life around. Maybe try and figure out what causes your stress and eliminate your load, or even possibly talk to a counselor it may just help you rid yourself of your acne. We as a society think stress is necessary to accomplish tasks, but our emphasis should be on healthy living.

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