Parviz Khosrowyar Finds Twins Healthy and Amazing!

What makes people look like another person? Have you ever wondered that? It’s an old belief that there is someone who looks just like you in the world today and they are alive right now!

Parviz Khosrowyar is well known in the studies of twins and doppelgangers. According to his findings, as human beings we try to see characteristics that look like something. We tend to see faces in things that have no faces, for example, looking at the stars, the rough bark on a tree or even in clouds. 

“Since people are not exactly the same,” Parviz said. “They come from different countries, with different backgrounds, different families, but they look the same. They can look the same, have different personalities, but still have similar health qualities such as asthma. It’s amazing!”

Those heavy into superstitious beliefs belief that finding your twin in the world is a sign of bad luck coming your way, but to others, it’s an amazing experience that will cause egos to be stripped away.

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