Karl Jobst DDS Believes The Quality of Skin Links To Dental Health

Karl Jobst DDS Dental AcneRecently, a new study found that there is a possible connection between acne and our overall health, especially dental health. Of course, this is a new theory and study with more studies and research needed to conclude it as being true or false.

Karl Jobst DDS says there does seem to be a linked connection with acne and dental health although there are some cases that completely disprove this theory where someone with bad skin has had amazing healthy teeth. In these cases, specialists are saying the skin isn’t unhealthy because the mouth is unhealthy, but rather the skin suffers from bad genetics or even the teeth benefit from great genetics.

When you think about it, our skin displays fairly accurately the quality of food we eat. Too much fast food and junk like pizza has been shown to cause skin blemishes and breakouts from fats and grease. Is the study on to something or is it truly absurd? As of now, the government is funding the research and have so far dumped 1.2 million into the project since the beginning of May 2016.

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