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There Are Many Different Methods for Measuring Health

Every person is undeniably unique. It is therefore very likely that their goals relating to health are going to differ as well, and sometimes by a very wide margin. It is for this reason that some of the most common measurements for health are not always applicable to each individual, and it is therefore important […]

Live Longer

Is the goal to live longer or to live healthy?  What good is it to be 100 years old if you cant even walk to the bathroom alone.  The quality of life has to be part of the goal.  I don’t want to live a burden on my wife or kids.  The golden years can […]

Acne…Not Much Worse

Remember those awkward teens.  If you are like most people acne was a curse that you had to endure.  Got a date…here comes a pimple!  Picture day…pimple time.  When we were young there wasn’t much that could be done for those awful pimples. After suffering through puberty with the acne curse some had scars to […]

Acne Problems Solved

Acne problems solved the old fashion way. What is it that makes are face back chest go though this embarrassing youthful problem during the most important time of life when a clear face is all we think of or a pretty face handsome face to star into one another’s eyes dreaming of lives together forever. […]

Healthy Mind

There is always a focus on physical health but what about the mind.  Ken Fisher  is a good example of optimal mind health.  I 2 in 5 Americans suffer from mental  afflictions I would say  mind health needs more attention.  Mind Health is a little harder to diagnose than physical.    If you are in great shape your mind may […]

Skin Health = Acne Free

Are you suffering from acne?  Skin health is tied to our self esteem and directly effects how we are perceived.  are all about the problem you may be having.  Sure there are expensive solutions that work to control acne outbreaks but acne is almost impossible to control.  It often attacks us in our most […]

Construction Can Be Healthy

We hear all the time about how manual labor jobs are terrible for health and while some of that may be true, many believe the people who talk about the negatives to these jobs are the Debbie Downers who focus on the bad. Let’s turn things around and talk about some of the positives and […]

You Are What You Eat

If you eat fish, would you eat aquarium fish? Probably not since they have been feeding on fish food. If your fish are eating fish food, the food you give them is a mixture of plant or animal material and can be fed to fish in aquariums or ponds. Doesn’t sound too appetizing does it? Would you […] Launch

The owner and president of Aesthetic Dermatology Associates, Dr. Jamie Altman, announced, a website designed to give patients the option to receive acne based care online. The website features many things such as secure transmission of patient records, individualized treatment plans from board-certified dermatologists, and exclusive payment plans. Arthur Falcone, a regular customer, has stated that the added […]

Apples Are The Fruit Of Life

If you want to get someone’s attention and automatically make yourself seem intellectual with backed-up facts, just say, “A new study shows” and you’re in the green. We’ve heard the phrase, “An apple a day will keep the doctor away” and this isn’t new information that needs a new study. Any health expert will tell you […]