4 Reasons to Have Bellesoma Method for Breast Surgery

One of the most common problems when women age is the appearance of sagging breasts. It is quite difficult to find ample support for large sagging breasts and is quite uncomfortable aside from the unsightly appearance. That is why more women are looking into breast reduction or breast lifting procedures to help solve this problem. Breast lifting or reduction is an ideal way to permanently relieve the discomfort of having sagging breasts. Here are some of the benefits of having a breast lift:

Benefits of having a breast reduction procedure for sagging breasts

  1. Improving appearance

The picture of a youthful woman is someone who has perky, bouncy breasts. Retaining the former appearance of your breasts will make you look youthful and will improve your body form as well.

  1. Gaining self-confidence

Since a woman’s breasts are one of her most noticeable features of her body, some may feel insecure when they age and have sagging breast appearance. Being able to regain your breast’s former appearance can help you gain confidence in your body and will allow you to have more clothing choices as well.

  1. Reducing back pain

Droopy breasts drag your body’s center of mass downward, causing you to have more back pain than usual. Once you go through breast lift or breast reduction, you will suffer from less back pain and discomfort caused by sagging breasts.

4 Reasons to Have Bellesoma Method for Breast Surgery

The Bellesoma Method is a revolutionary procedure that reshapes and repositions the breast higher in the chest wall, with minimum to no scarring and a more permanent and desired appearance. We will be discussing 4 reasons to choose it over the traditional method:

  1. This method is scar-free

The conventional method of breast lift involves cutting up the skin and facilitating skin tightening procedures to create the appearance of a perkier breast. However, this leaves a permanent vertical scar located on the chest. For some women, this may be unappealing or even unacceptable to some. The new method can perform better by avoiding the vertical scar altogether.

  1. Actual tissue repositioning

In traditional methods, the skin is tightened to supposedly lift the breast. However, the tissue is still located towards the bottom as it was. The problem with this is when the skin sags again, the breast tissue will also sag back as a consequence. The new method makes use of tissue repositioning which not only helps the skin surrounding its breast regain elasticity but also permanently lifts the breast’s appearance.

  1. Accommodates most women

If you are a woman ages 17 to 71, seeking to improve your breast appearance, you are a good candidate for this new method. The Bellesoma has highly evolved to be done to woman in a large age range and most variable health conditions. The company also has a highly trained set of surgeons who will do a thorough consultation and assessment of your medical history to make sure that you are a qualified candidate with no contraindications.

  1. Tried and tested method

Although it is a fairly new procedure, the Bellesoma has made 500 satisfied women clients all over the world. It is a tried and tested method that is continually evolving for improvements since the year 2000.

Women do not have to suffer from discomfort and lack of confidence due to sagging breasts. If you are someone you know is considering a breast lift or reduction, we recommend you to consider this method and ask pertinent questions to help you make the right decision.

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